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The harvesting of Guam Seaweed

mud-celluliteLACOTE harvests its seaweed during the same period every year, when in full growth, from the same area of ocean bed.

In the month of May, when the seaweed is young and vital, harvesting begins. On board boats, harvesters use a traditional tool known as the “scoubidou” to extract the plants from the seabed; the plants are then brought ashore to be dried and aired by the sun and ocean winds.

For the drying and airing processes, the seaweed must be left in the sun for at least 3 days (when it rains, it is covered with canvas).

It is well known that seaweed, which offers a concentration of the sea’s properties, remains intact and effective if it is used when young and vital and if it is expertly processed.

The many beneficial properties of seaweed are recognised by scientific research: seaweed has excellent remineralizing, detoxifying and anti-cellulite properties; it restores the skin’s natural hydrolipidic balance, delays ageing and fights free radicals.



GUAM Seaweed have always been selected, harvested and processed according to traditional methods. LACOTE harvests its seaweed during the same period every year and from the same areas of ocean bed.

In the month of May, when seaweed are young and vital, harvesting begins. Aboard boats equipped with an ancient tool known as the “scoubidou”, local fishermen extract the plants from the seabed and remove excess water from them. The seaweed are then brought ashore and laid out in open fields to be dried and aired in the sun and wind.


Why are effective Guam Seaweed Mud?


Guam Seaweed Mud consist of Algae Guam, clays, plant extracts of Ivy, Chestnut, Fucus and essential oils of Lemon and Oregano.

Guam Seaweed, re-mineralizing and skin protection, act effectively reducing cellulite (skin blemish) and fat deposits in the skin.

They fight free radicals and skin aging, smoothing the tissues, facilitating the drainage of excess fluids and adjusting the moisture balance.

Rich in Iodine, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, minerals salts essential for healthy skin tropism, they have depurative and emollient properties.

Clays: thanks to the presence of silica, iron and other trace elements the clay has several properties, from a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect to a cleansing and exfoliating action.

Phytoextract of Ivy: it plays a regulatory effect on the wall of the skin capillaries, and thanks to the presence of saponins reduces edematous states. It’s useful to improve and normalize the moisture balance, and to maintain skin elasticity.

Fucus vesiculosus seaweed extract: astringent, toning, is able to cause dilation of the capillaries facilitating the absorption through the skin of the functional principles contained in the seaweed mud.

Phytoextract of horse chestnut: it improves the skin circulation, makes the skin softer. It has decongestant, astringent and anti-cellulite properties.

Essential oils of Lemon and Oregano: purifying, astringent and toning properties.

The mud-wrap with Guam Seaweed Mud, due to the characteristics of its formulation, after a few minutes of application favors the thermogenesis in the area of application, accompanied by redness and sweating, effects that disappear with rinsing, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

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