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Counteract water retention and facilitate the drainage of excess fluids

Britannia Dren Plus

Solari Guam

Green Tea flavoured dietary supplement, made from plant extracts and marine Algae.

Facilitates body drainage of fluids, eliminates toxins and improves the silhouette. Thanks to the diuretic and purifying action of its ingredients, such as Green tea, Nettle, Mate, Pineapple, Birch, Pilosella, Orthosifon and Spirea, is a natural aid to fight the free radicals responsible for the aging of the organism.

Associated with GUAM Seaweed Mud it synergizes its action.

Guam Dren Plus seaweed Mud


Solari Guam

Guam Dren Plus seaweed Mud is the new formulation which counteracts skin fat deposits accompanied by water retention, swelling and heaviness in the legs, also fighting free radicals.

The renown properties of Guam marine seaweed are combined in this product with the active ingredients of Escin, Verbena, Elder, Calendula, Cloves, fennel and sweet orange essential oils to aid in enforcing its draining action. Since the first applications, Guam Dren Plus seaweed Mud gives a pleasant sense of lightness in the legs.

Even more effective thanks to a special Guam seaweed extract obtained by the innovative process of “bio-liquefaction” (antioxidant power three times higher than traditional extract).


The algae extract with three times antioxidant power

Thanks to an innovative process for extracting the seaweed, called “enzymatic bio-liquefaction”, it was possible to derive Guambioactivity, the extract with high antioxidant power.

This patented process treats Guam seaweed with sequential enzymes that hydrolyse the structural molecule of plant tissues, allowing it to recover its active ingredients in highly available phyto- complexes.

The antioxidant power of the obtained seaweed is three times higher than that of the traditional extract, and helps make Guam Dren Plus seaweed Mud even more suited to defend the body from oxidation and premature aging of the skin.


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